How I Survived a 4.5 hour Pro Wrestling Event

I commented on everything in my sketchbook to amuse myself. To wrestling fans, this will either be offensive or a “fascinating look into the mind of a non-fan,” as Ben put it. To fellow non-fans, look at all this bizarre stuff! ¬†There were also obviously lots of people being slammed on their heads repeatedly with seemingly little effect. That was just too quick to draw.

This guy sat near me and drove me crazy the entire time:

Overheard: Fan1: “Do we know he’s gay?” Fan2: “He has a BELLY BUTTON piercing.” Case closed, apparently.

We all had to stand for the “bride” so I couldn’t draw much of the “wedding”. Favorite clothing graphic of the night: dinosaur attacking a city. “Crotch Laces” was not his official wrestling name, but it seemed more appropriate to me.

Overheard: Melodramatic wrestler giving a speech: “I forgot what was important to me.” Fan: “Baseball!”

Hooligans vs Vikings was a tag team match. Main event featured the “bride” from earlier fighting the guy who broke up the wedding. He jumped on her boobs. Not okay, man. Not okay.

Male wrestler: “F*** you!” ¬†Female wrestler: “F*** me?! F*** you!” Fan: “Yeah, that’s sexual!”

Hello again!

It’s been awhile, my friends/random internet people who somehow found this. I’d like to blame any number of things, such as mono (..which I faced mano a mano. I swear that’s the last time I use that joke.), or moving, or being far too busy (sleeping and eating can really take a chunk out of your day), but probably I’m just lazy. But ANYWAY, here are some long overdue silly pictures:


Never was there a spiffier buffalo!


This is what happens when my friends make me watch too many wedding shows.


I’m especially fond of the daft, mutant octopus.


My contribution to the Le Wobble zine, issue 2. My prompt was “Love in Vain”. (The snowman is supposed to be melted.)

The kid’s head was slouched and the hat was positioned in such a way that it looked like he had a sock monkey head. Unsettling.